The title of this post is deceptive. Let me explain. There is an underlying assumption in the title that motivation can be isolated and confined to the work place. This may be true in some cases. But you didnt come all this way to read about some cases you came here (for some unearthly reason) to read about me. Call me one-dimensional if you wish, but for me personally it is worth extrapalating this title to incorporate my motivation as a human-being. Ergo, I have always found that the motivations I possess in life as a whole, must also exist and blossom in my place of work.

In essence therefore, what motivates me as a developer is exactly what motivates me in my day to day existence.

So that being the case, what simply does it for me (apart from ancient texts)?

Well, for some reason, I really do have a genuine drive to help others, not a programming motivation I here you say. Well yes on the surface you are right. But look deeper and its a multi-dimensional motivation which envokes an honest, genuine desire to help you.

Overwhelemed by the tech world and enormity of the web, not to mention complex jargon? I genuinely want to try and help you. Need a certain feature or functionality? If I can I really would like to help.

This motivation really helps me to push through tricky programming challenges because I simply want to help you where I can.

I want to know about other things that motivate you I hear you cry! Well if you insist.
I enjoy breaking things down, getting to understand what’s really going on. Simplifying the complex. Creating order. Structure. Clarity.

Now these motivations may not be your cup of tea by any means, in fact I am completley the type of guy you dont want to play lego with! But these motivations derive from my enjoyment of achieving sense within the seemingly senseless and they have facilitated my motivation in programming and enjoyment of it too.

Whats that?!! You do want to play lego, sure! Get in touch..