In life we all find different things challenging, what may be second nature to one person can be just as easily foreign to another and vice versa. The same rings true in various different industries. Lets examine Dentists. To one dentist performing a pulpectomy is (nearly) as simple as a walk in the park, to another dentist its the equivalent of walking up mount vesuvius in flip-flops.
Note: neither Dentist is subordinate to the other, it is just the nature of all of us in all settings to find different aspects more challenging than others.

So, where am I going with this?.. It is true this would be a good introduction to actually begin to relate a number of things I may find challenging in life as a whole. But lets quickly limit the question to the sphere of programming. Phew!

What have I, or do I, find most challenging about programming? For me personally it’s that first point where you grapple with or are introduced to a brand new concept for the first time. That moment, where you have to come to terms with something completley new and often without a previous frame of reference.

For example, learning JavaScript as an object orientated programming language for the first time was very challenging. Its a brand new concept and it’s complex at times. Moreover, when you try and find definitions for certain aspects, the definition can often include references to other concepts which hitherto are unknown. Thus, it can feel very overwhelming at first and take time to break down a new concept/language and gain a good understanding in order to venture forward.

However, the greater the challenge the greater the reward. Although overwhelming at first I actually enjoy taking something new and complex, investigating it, breaking it down, simplifying it and acquiring a good understanding of it.

Perhaps its reliving the lego building process of yesteryear where you destroy an entire space station to find out whats really happening underneath, get chased by your older brother, and then rebuild it with a far greater understanding and fear of your older brother than you ever had to begin with.

And with this, is a small insight into what I find most challenging about programming (at least at the moment). It may be worlds apart from what you find challenging or this may resonate with you entirley.

Always feel free to get in touch, if my own challenges can be of any assistance to you I would be happy to help!